One of the features that makes BEST a really unique no profit organisation is being a wide-spread one, unified under a common mission and vision. Established in 96 European technical universities, BEST ensures a broad range of students.

Since one of the purposes of BEST is to connect students with companies, several international bodies of this organisation, helped by LBGs, have developed many services to reach this goal: one of which is BEST Career Support (BCS).

On the one hand, BCS is a service that every student can take advantage of, the only prior requirement is that the student attends or attended an university in which there is an LBG.

The procedure to use this service is really simple: firstly there is the subscription to BEST website; then, there is the filling of Curriculum Vitae with personal data and relevant work information according to the European standard model; finally there is the subscription to the BCS service.

On the other hand, BEST engages in partnerships with companies, providing them high quality services. These companies cover all engineering fields and this is because of the broad range of students reached by BEST. Companies can present themselves and job offers to all the students who subscribed to BCS. Furthermore, companies can have access to the BEST CVs database to recruit students who fill their criteria and interests.

Students diversity is also clearly observable during live events. During one year, BEST takes care of the organisation of several job fairs and engineering competitions around Europe. The most important ones are organised during the three biggest events BEST organises during an academical year: Presidents’ Meeting (PM), BEST Career Day (BCD) during General Assembly (GA) and EBEC Final. In these kind of events, companies have the opportunity to meet talented engineering students while they have the chance to interact with top companies in the engineering field.


BEST Career Day (BCD)

After the success of inviting external students to participate in Official Opening Day in GA 2013, we provided this opportunity again this year. Following the rapid uptake of these events, we have developed this service into a new brand: BEST Career Day. Recent or graduating students from 96 top engineering universities can apply for this event. After pre-selection, a list of the most promising applicants is delivered to partners, who can select the participants they want to meet during BCD.

BCD allows students to personally discuss their career with top managers and international recruiters. They get the chance to learn about the lastest industry trends and most lucrative career opportunities. The first part of the day includes presentations and workshops for students held by partners. During the second part of the day the job fair and personal interviews take place, so partners can interact directly and personally with over 400 future engineers who match their participants’ profile. The CVs of all participants were available for partners before the career fair, thus enabling access to a large and detailed database of potential applicants. At the end of the day there is a cocktail party, allowing networking with a selected group of engineers.

BEST Career Center

BEST Career Center

BEST Career Centre is the collection of all the online recruitment opportunities BEST Career Support offers. Here, students can find detailed information about our partners including job and internship opportunities they provide. Such information is available to anyone who visits BEST website.

In order to be up to date with all the opportunities our partners offer, an account on BEST website and subscription to BEST Career Support is needed. This account also serves as the CV of the students as it collects information regarding their career, educational and extra-curricular activities.This year, more than 6.200 CVs were created.

This tool not only makes it easier for our partner companies and universities to have an overview of the students in our database, but also enables us to define the appropriate target groups for our services, so that relevant opportunities can reach only interested subscribers.

The most apparent function of BEST Career Centre is through BEST Career Newsletters. These are targeted e-mails that we send out to our 37.000 subscribers and they include career opportunities of a partner. Since these e-mails are targeted, our subscribers receive the newsletter only if they have the necessary qualifications such as language proficiency or educational background.

All of the aforementioned online services form the BEST Career Centre and through these BEST is able to offer valuable opportunities to students and recent graduates to start their career in their home country or all over Europe.