Who we are?

BEST Brasov aims to represent the interests of students from Transilvania University by facilitating communication between university, students and companies. BEST Brasov members work at solving students’ problems in a creative way and see volunteering as a mean of active participation and non-formal education.

Every year we want more from our students, we want to bring them to full potential and learn useful information through our events. BEST students create events in collaboration with companies specialized and aim to develop students from Transilvania University both personally and professionally.

We try to come to meet the needs of students , the Transilvania University and our partners , through useful and challenging programs.

The management

Nicolae Coman


Bianca Moraru


Cătălin-Ștefan Gheorghe


Larisa Dărăban

Vicepresident and Human Resources coordinator

Sebastian Irimia

Vicepresident and Marketing coordinator

Andrei-Sergiu Pampu

Information Technologies coordinator

Florin Săcădat

Vivialdi responsible

Liviu Romașcu

Romanian JAMboree Coordinator 2018

Narcisa Groza

Romanian JAMboree Coordinator 2018

Alin Dandu

Local EBEC Coordinator 2018

Andreea Georgescu

BTW Coordinator

Robert Gîngu

BIT 2019 Coordinator