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BEST Information Technology, an event now in its eighth edition, aims to develop a link between IT companies, the university environment and Brașov students, through dynamic activities, such as: company presentations, workshops, competitions and shows & tell.



BEST Career Days is an event dedicated to Transilvania University students, an event in which you will have the opportunity to interact with employers and companies in order to develop your own knowledge, but you can also have the opportunity to get an internship or even a job, to take a step towards the career you want.


BEST Company Day is an event addressed to students from the Transilvania University of Brașov, being dedicated to opportunities to interact with specialists and employees in the technical field in order to develop their own knowledge. There is also the possibility of getting an internship or even a job.


A Hackathon is a programming competition where participants use their skills and knowledge to solve a specific problem. In the winter of 2019, the first Hackathon organized by BEST Brașov took place, an event in which we put the students’ IT knowledge to the test in a 24-hour interval.


BEST Training Week is an educational event organized by BEST Braşov for students from Transilvania University.

The event consists of free training sessions, mostly focused on the soft skills side of the future graduates and is meant to help their personal development and training, in order to initiate them into a successful career.

BEST Course in Summer

During the year, BEST organizes various activities where students from technical universities have the opportunity to have an international experience, to make new friends and contacts, to improve their English and of course, to have fun. Each BEST event is attended by approximately 20-30 students who have one thing in common: they want to have a unique experience different from college life.

Anniversary Gala

The Anniversary Gala is an event that we organize every 5 years, the most recent one was last year when we celebrated 25 years of activity. Within it, we present our activity to all partners, be they technical or academic, and publicly thank them for all the help provided


Motivational Weekend

Motivational Weekend is a 3-day event meant to integrate new members of our organization. It is held twice a year, usually after the recruitment period. During this event, BEST Brasov’s members take part in different activities, such as trainings, traditions of our organization and so on and so forth.

Internal Anniversary

Internal Anniversary is an event where BEST Brasov’s members celebrate another year of organization’s existence. Besides that, we honour our new alumni members. New members but not only can interact with the old ones to learn some of their stories and experiences within the organization


BEST Information Technology

BEST Course in Summer

BEST Career Days

BEST Training Week


BEST Company Day


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