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Once you join BEST Brasov your student life can change. In addition to the great experiences, memories and friendships you create, you can develop your skills, professional and personal life. Our members are always open to new challenges, united and friendly. So don’t hesitate and come to BEST!






1. What does BEST mean?

BEST is the acronym for the Board of European Students of Technology.

2. What does BEST Brașov do?

BEST Brașov is a non-governmental organization, intended for students of the Transilvania University, which gets involved in the education of students, offers career support and helps the members’ professional and personal development.

3. What events does BEST Brașov organize?

BEST Brașov organizes various internal, external local and international events for students, with or without an academic character, such as:

BEST Company Day
BEST Information Technology – the purpose of this event is to create links between IT companies and university students
BEST Smart Talks – an event that facilitates interaction between students and specialists from different fields.
BEST Training Week – event that helps students in personal development and training in skills necessary for post-student life.
European BEST Engineering Competition
Season courses
Hackathon – BEST Brașov event, which consists of an IT competition for 24 hours, with the aim of putting into practice the programming knowledge of university students.


BEST Information Technology

BEST Course in Summer

BEST Career Days

BEST Training Week


BEST Company Day


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