What are BEST Courses?

e of the complementary education activities BEST provides to students are BEST Courses. Courses, organised by the 95 LBGs all over Europe, give students the opportunity to combine traditional lectures with alternative forms of education. Furthermore, with the social and cultural activities courses provide, students can experience a multicultural environment and gain new and wonderful friendships. Every year, more than 2.000 students take part in BEST Courses.

European BEST Engineering Competition

European BEST Engineering Competition (EBEC) Project is the largest real-time based engineering competition organised by students in Europe. It brings its main stakeholders: companies, universities and students together under a competitive environment where participants present and develop their skills, thus not only practicing their theoretical knowledge, but also developing their role as a member of European society thanks to tackling real world problems. In the past years, EBEC has been very successful due to its sustainability and permanently increasing standards. Having started as an initiative in 2008, the project has reached a strong position among the services that BEST provides towards technology students.

The EBEC Project serves as a platform for technology students and is voluntarily organised by BEST members who are also technology students of European universities where BEST is present. The project strives to bring its stakeholders closer and to enable further interaction among them so that future engineers – the citizens of Europe – will benefit the most.

The EBEC project has two competition categories:

  • Case Study
  • Team Design

The EBEC Project is kicked-off by a local round in all participating Local BEST Groups; the winners of local rounds are invited to national or regional rounds. The winners of these secondary rounds qualify for the EBEC Final event where they compete for the title “BEST Engineers of Europe”.

BEST Training Week

BEST Training Week is an educational event organized by BEST Brasov for students from the Transilvania University.

The event consists of a free training session , most focused on soft skills side of future graduates and is designed to help their personal development and training in order to initiate them into a successful career.

BEST Training Week promises to become one of the major events that promote complementary education, both locally and nationally.

To achieve its purpose , the event meets the specialized trainers from different corners of the country and the world, eager to share their knowledge with those who will take part in the series of trainings.

BTW aims to:

  • personal development of students
  • complementary education
  • adaptability to the needs of contemporary society
  • open to companies which will support training – for students
  • option to select participants – for companies